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Large Munsterlander Rescue was founded by our Co-ordinator, Rae Massey, 35 years ago and became independent from The Large Munsterlander Club about 16 years ago, responsible for its own finances, fund raising and management as unanimously voted by Members attending the LMC AGM in 1999.

Since it was formed, LM Rescue has given hundreds of dogs a chance for a new start and our work is forever ongoing.

Our main focus is and always will be “PUTTING DOGS FIRST” and we are not only dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Munsters, but offer confidential help and advice to those who seek it.

All dogs coming into rescue are assessed to see how compatible they are with cats, other dogs, children and their general temperament. All are spayed/neutered (unless too young) or already done and any other veterinarian requirements are attended to before they are ready for their new forever home. We ask all potential new owners for a minimum £250 donation which goes towards the continuation of our rescue work.

Below is a slideshow listing details of our current dogs looking for a forever home.

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